Legendary comedian, writer and actor Bill Cosby is coming to Casper for a one performance engagement.  This American icon takes the stage October 6th at 2:00pm at the Casper Events Center. Tickets go on sale Wednesday May 8th, but you can guarantee your seat by purchasing a presale ticket before 11:59pm on May 7th.


Bill Cosby represents the voice of a vast, ordinary world. Everyone seems to easily identify with his character and situations they find themselves in. He gives the twist of the ridiculous to everyday faults, foibles and successes and makes them a recognizable slice of life. Bill Cosby points out the humor in our lives, and in doing so, he touches our hearts. Because of this, his appeal is not restricted to any specific group. His qualities have endeared him to people from all walks of life.

Bill Cosby is, by any standard, one of the most influential stars in America today. Whether it’s through concert appearances or recordings, television or films, commercials or education, Bill Cosby has the ability to touch people’s lives. His humor often centers on the basic cornerstones of our existence, seeking to provide an insight into our roles as parents, children, family members, and men and women. Without resorting to gimmickry or lowbrow humor, Bill Cosby’s comedy has a point of reference and respect for the trappings and traditions of the great American humorists such as Charlie Chaplin, Will Rogers, W.C. Fields and Groucho Marx.

Cosby performs live October 6th at the Casper Events Center. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, May 8th and may be purchased by phone (800) 442-2256, (307) 577-3030, online at www.CasperEventsCenter.com or in person at the Casper Events Center Box Office.