Barbra Streisand is preparing to release her upcoming album 'Partners,' featuring collaborations with Blake Shelton and Elvis Presley.

The Broadway legend will release the album on Sept. 16. She announced the list of collaborators and album art on Aug. 11, and the track listing later in the week. Shelton will duet on "I'd Want it to Be You," and Presley will appear on "Love Me Tender."

"You heard it here first… my new album 'Partners' is coming September 16th," she wrote in a post on her Facebook page. "What an extraordinary collection of talent!"

'Partners' is available for pre-order on Amazon. In addition to Shelton and Presley, Streisand worked with Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé, Babyface, Jason Gould, Josh Groban, Billy Joel, John Legend, John Mayer, Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder on the release.

Streisand has released 63 albums over her career, 30 of which have been certified platinum and 13 multi-platinum.

Shelton is also preparing for the release of his upcoming album, 'Bringing Back the Sunshine,' which is set for release on Sept. 30. He will also be returning to season seven of 'The Voice' on Sept. 22.

Barbra Streisand, 'Partners' Track Listing:

1. 'It Had to Be You' (with Michael Bublé)
2. 'People' (with Stevie Wonder)
3. 'Come Rain or Come Shine' (with John Mayer)
4. 'Evergreen' (with Babyface)
5. 'New York State of Mind' (with Billy Joel)
6. 'I'd Want it to Be You' (with Blake Shelton)
7. 'The Way We Were' (with Lionel Richie)
8. 'I Still Can See Your Face' (with Andrea Bocelli)
9. 'How Deep is the Ocean' (with son Jason Gould)
10. 'What Kind of Fool' (with John Legend)
11. 'Somewhere' (with Josh Groban)
12. 'Love Me Tender' (with Elvis Presley)

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