Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are back on the boob tube every Monday and Tuesday, competing on the fifth season of 'The Voice' ... and bickering left and right. But it's all in love (we think, anyway, since you never can tell with self-deprecating Shelton)!

Shelton jokes that it is not boring to win the show three times in a row, and that he is not concerned about his fellow coaches -- who are like family -- being jealous about his wins. "That's my competition. Screw them, I don't care if they like it or not," the country star says. Spoken like a true warrior.

But even more than being a country superstar and winning 'The Voice' three times, Shelton loves to make his bromance partner Levine feel bad! "(It) makes me happy," Shelton revealed while visiting breakfast TV show 'TODAY' recently. "I live to make him feel bad about himself."

When further probed about the "tension" and the banter between himself and Levine, Shelton remarks, "I would say, where there's smoke there's fire," finishing, "We're very attracted to each other. I'm already married, so it's never going to work out."

So Miranda Lambert has nothing to worry about. Neither does Levine's fiancee, model Behati Prinsloo.

Shelton also spoke about working with Cher as his team's mentor this season, saying that the pop diva reminds him of his wife, so that's a huge compliment for both ladies. "I'll tell you what, I love her," he shares. "Looking back on all the movies and things she's been in -- she's just playing herself. She doesn't take herself that seriously, but she doesn't take any crap off of anybody either. You know what I mean? She actually reminds me of my wife a lot, I mean, as far as she's a very strong woman."

Ultimately, we realize that it is all love between Shelton and Levine. They are quite a pair -- we're still wondering when they will cut a song together!