Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are two peas in a pod ... at least when it comes to co-hosting the CMA Awards. 

The 'I Can't Change the World' hitmaker told CMT during a radio interview that he only has eyes for co-hosting with Underwood -- in a sense, the West Virginia native is in his 'southern comfort zone' with his lady friend.

"I can't see hosting that show with somebody else, you know?" he dishes. "There are things that you could see yourself doing in the future with other artists here and there, but as far as that goes, that really works with the two of us."

Underwood and Paisley will be co-hosting the 2013 CMA Awards together this November -- their sixth time hosting together. The ever-hilarious pair are working hard to ensure that this year's awards show will be quite memorable for every country music fan.

"We work so well together and we've figured it out," Paisley says.

Every year, the pair's co-hosting gig seems to get better and better, and after so much experience, viewers have come to truly appreciate their antics. The 47th annual CMA Awards will air at 8PM ET on Nov. 6 on ABC, and Underwood and Paisley will be there with their game faces on, well-rehearsed and having a ball, as long as they're with each other.