Do you rake your leaves or not? For some Casper people, this is a real controversy.

There have been more than one rather heated conversation about whether or not it's beneficial to rake leaves. The rake leaves crowd argues that they are an annoyance especially when the leaves in your yard blow over into your neighbor's yard.

The anti-rake crowd (yes, there really is one) claim it's best to let the leaves get really dry then mow them so they help the soil. That's the opinion of Southern Living magazine in the video above and also the Treehugger website. They say this:

Fallen leaves, as an additional physical layer of organic materials above ground, provide food, shelter, and nesting or bedding materials to a variety of wildlife, as well as overwintering protection for a number of insects, all of which work together to contribute to a healthy yard.

The rake crowd will likely say that the Treehugger people just let their leaves blow all over creation and then mow the 4 or 5 remaining leaves into a tidy mulch. The Spruce even goes so far as to say that not raking causes your lawn to suffocate.

Help us settle this eternal Fall argument. Do you rake your leaves or no? Vote in our poll.

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