I may never look at some candy bars the same way again – the ones in the front of any store where a kid can reach them. I hope Sheridan's Mars family never heard this story.

So we all have pet peeves. But here is one I could definitely relate to as told by another organization about a grubby handed kid in line at a grocery store.

The guy was in line and saw a kid popped a candy bar in his mouth for a while before mom noticed. She caught him, grabbed the candy and stuck it right back on the shelf. Yep, that happened and then the kid did it again to a different candy bar. Gross right?

So the witness to this atrocity came up with a pretty hilarious list of candy bar commandments that will make you chuckle. Check them out here.


We all have pet peeves, and that is definitely a new shared one for sure. In Wyoming, people saying "This isn't the way we do it where I come from," rang out at number one by folks who took our online survey.

So what do you see in public that grosses you out, or what sparks your blood to a boil? Let us know in the comments.