If anyone understands what it’s like to be under the intense heat of the ‘American Idol‘ spotlights and the critical eye of the show’s judges, it’s Carrie Underwood. The Season 4 ‘Idol’ winner apparently hasn’t forgotten the pressure that comes from taking that stage under the scrutiny of fans and judges alike, and she took the time to reach out to 18-year-old British-born Hollie Cavanagh, the tiny talent with a huge voice who’s currently vying to be the next American Idol.

Underwood apparently sent Cavanagh a necklace and a note of encouragement, which caused the young hopeful to excitedly hit Twitter to say, “@carrieunderwood thank you so much for the necklace i wear it everyday, and I almost cried reading the letter PS try to watch idol this week.”

We now know why Miss Cavanagh would want Underwood to tune in this week. On Wednesday (March 28), contestants sang songs from their real-life idols, and the young hopeful offered up a tune from the famous blonde, singing Underwood’s smash hit, ‘Jesus, Take the Wheel.’

In addition to the necklace and the note, Underwood took to Twitter herself to respond to Cavanagh, saying, “You’re very welcome! I never miss a show! You guys are so good. Can’t wait to hear what you all come up with!” And while Underwood may be one of Cavanagh’s idols, the ‘Idol’ hopeful doesn’t have a country sound and doesn’t seem to be going that way anytime soon.

“I think Carrie Underwood would be a past ‘Idol’ contestant I’d like to meet,” the contestant says, according to Country Weekly. “She sings country and that’s not the direction I want to go musically. But she’s been through this whole experience and she’s really successful.”

Following Cavanagh’s performance last night, Underwood reached out via Twitter yet again to let her know she’d been watching — through tears. “You were amazing tonight!” the ‘Good Girl’ hitmaker gushed. “You meant every word…made me teary-eyed. I’m honored you picked my song to sing!”