It's a trend that has soaked the nation, and the Casper Police Chief took one for the team and made a donation to a worthy cause.

Chief Jim Wetzel and his family accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, in which each of them had a bucket of ice-mixed water poured on them on Thursday morning (August 20th), at Lifetime Fitness.

The popular summer trend helps raise awareness of ALS, which is also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

Chief Wetzel was challenged by both current Casper City Council member Kenyne Schlager and former Casper mayor Barb Peryam.

As it turns out, he says he wasn't the only one in his family that was challenged.

"I love the fact that Barb and Kenyne called us out, and unbeknownst to me, my family ends up getting called out, all the way back from friends in North Carolina even, so it all kind of came together, and we'll just do a family dousing with it all, to bring awareness."

His eldest son Connor is part of the Kelly Walsh High School student council and says a number of challenges were issued to him as well.

"I felt as a member of student council, it's kind of my job as a leader to step up and do a challenge like this, and raise awareness for something that really doesn't have any knowledge for a cure, and I personally think it's just a great thing to do."


In addition to having the ice-mixed water dumped on them, each member of the Wetzel family made a charitable donation.

On Thursday, August 21st, Wind City Physical Therapy and the Casper Fire Department will be taking part in they hope will be the largest demonstration of the ice bucket challenge ever.

It will be held at 6:30pm at Washington Park.

Left to right in the video is Heather Wetzel, Payton Wetzel, Connor Wetzel and Jim Wetzel.