Casper police arrested a woman after she allegedly drove while intoxicated with a child in her vehicle and crashed head-on into an SUV.

Alexis Marie Wright, 23, faces a recommended charge of driving while intoxicated with a child passenger in the vehicle. She was hospitalized following the crash.

According to an affidavit, police officers responded to the area of Centennial Village Boulevard and Heathrow Avenue for a report of a crash at roughly 7:30 p.m. Witnesses told officers that Wright, while driving a dark blue 2001 Toyota, swerved into the oncoming lane and hit a black Ford Explorer head-on.

Wright was taken to Wyoming Medical Center. A child, who is six or seven years old, was in the back seat directly behind Wright. A witness told police that the child was not in a car seat, nor was she wearing a seat belt.

The child appeared to be alright, the witness told police.

An half-full bottle of vodka was found in the front seat of the Toyota, as was an empty "shooter" bottle of ULLR vodka.

Police noted that a child seat was present in the back seat of the Toyota, but was on the passenger side of the vehicle, next to where the child had been seated. In the affidavit, police noted there was no indication that a seatbelt was in use at the time of the crash.

An officer went to see Wright in the hospital at roughly 8 p.m. and inform her that she was being investigated for DUI. At one point, when Wright exhaled forcefully, the officer smelled the distinct odor of alcoholic beverages.

After further examination and speaking with Wright, the officer concluded that Wright had been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. Wright was arrested.

Wright's sister later told an officer that Wright had come over to her house where they played spelling games. Wright had been drinking UV Blue Vodka and had at least three shots.

The sister said she had tried to keep Wright from leaving, because she felt Wright should not have been driving, but Wright became upset, grabbed the child and left.

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