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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - X-Rated Reality Brings Lawsuit
#2 - Pump Chump
#3 - Cat a Tonic?

X-Rated Reality Brings Lawsuit

The owners of a ritzy home in the Hamptons are outraged because their renters used the house for an X-rated web-based reality show that featured wild orgies.

Stuart and Susan Silverman leased the property in East Hampton, Long Island, to a man who did not tell them that he would be using the home for pArty of 5, a show on the Internet that features lots of adult action.

The couple has sued the renters, seeking damages that include $20,000 in repairs and a couch with "stains that could not be removed.”

The couple found out about everything after a neighbor tipped them off about a crazy party that included 100 people – along with a film crew. (


Pump Chump

A Georgia man was arrested at an Atlanta-area gas station after getting the wrong idea from the self-serve sign – and pleasuring himself right out in the open.

Toumua Lor was busted after a deputy on a routine patrol spotted him parked at the pump outside a Wal-Mart with his naughty bits exposed. The cop ordered him to stop keeping his hands to himself and instead place them on the steering wheel while he searched the car.  The search turned up a plastic baggie and a clear smoking pipe, both containing methamphetamine.

Lor was charged with indecent exposure and drug possession. (Barrow Patch)


Cat a Tonic?

Some people have a lucky rabbit's foot, but a lucky kitten skeleton? That's the charm for a Thai woman who thinks that she's destined for good fortune after finding the feline corpse in a sausage she was cooking for her family.

The woman admits she was initially disgusted when she cut into the sausage and found that she'd sliced through a preserved skeleton of the critter. But rather than toss the meal into the trash, she decided to build a shrine with the cat as its centerpiece, and pray in front of it daily.

Once word got out about the altar, her friends visited and also prayed with several of them winning money in the local lottery afterwards, leading locals to believe that the skeleton shrine is the cat's meow. (Huffington Post)