I saw the headline, “Chattanooga Mocs at Wyoming Cowboys,” and took half a minute to figure out I was reading it wrong. I saw it as “mocks” with a k. Like why would any team make fun of Wyoming and our 7220? For some, an away game at Arena-Auditorium is the toughest game all year, so not smart to mock. If you happen to have an embarrassing brain freeze too, here's what a Moc is.

Chattanooga’s team moniker is from Tennessee’s state bird, the mockingbird. These mocs also earned a spot in the 2016 NCAA Tournament, so they must be good.

The University Of Tennessee at Chattanooga changed from a Native American name back in the 1990s. Now maybe some people mock the Mocs.

10 More college mascots I’ve always thought deserved a little mocking:

Virginia Tech HokiesHokies are a fictional bird that gobbles up all their food. So yeah, the hokies are basically supposed to represent the students chowing down something fierce...hmmm.

Georgetown Hoyas … From the Greek language, Hoyas have to do with rocks, though their mascot is a bulldog.

Wake Forrest Demon Deacons … Isn’t that a Baptist College? Well, yes it is.

U.C Irvine AnteatersNow that’s intimidating – NOT.

N.C. Tarheels … That was about tobacco workers, but the mascot is a ram, so we Cowboy fans hate 'em.

Concordia University Cobbers … Careful now, we have corn culture that spills over from east of Wyoming. But their mascot's name is Kernel Cobb.

Cal State University, Long Beach Dirt Bags ... Shouldn't Dirt Bags be on the list of cool mascots?

Game Cocks … If you ever lived in South Carolina, you just got used to it.

Delaware Blue Hens … Is it open season? This mascot is great at dinner time.

South Dakota School of Mines HardRockersAnother for the coolest list?

And some high school mascots are really funny.

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