70-year-old Rich Riggs of Yakima was born colorblind. There are a couple of colors he could identify like blue and orange but, for the most part, he has said that almost everything else was a shade of grey. This was until recently when he took a nasty spill, hit his head and, when he gathered himself, he noticed a world of color before him. How do I know? Because he's my dad and he wouldn't lie to me.

He said he's been color blind since birth - officially tested and everything. It never stopped him from doing anything, it's just he couldn't see colors. He could tell when colors were different from each other, noticing my two daughters have slightly different colored hair (one is blonde and one is strawberry blonde) but pinks and colors like that weren't a color tone he was able to see. Now he says he is "enjoying things like several shades of pink." But it came with a price.

As he explains:

"I stood up from my chair in the family room, legs gave out. Next thing I know, the floor is coming at me really fast. It must have made quite a noise the way family came running in. Winnie (wife) described it as sounding like a piano falling. A group of local neurologists will be discussing this later this week."

He plans a trip to Hawaii every year. This year, he said, will be a whole new experience from the sunsets to the flowers.

I'm looking forward to hear what the neurologists have to say about it as I've never heard of occurrence like this before.

He also told this story:

My wife's hair never grayed. It went to a beautiful shining silver. A few days ago I made an innocent remark. I had noticed there was a lot of yellow mixed in with the silver. Her icy response was," Don't you remember when you bonked your head? The yellow has always been there. You just couldn't see it." Maybe I was better off being color blind.

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