The busiest shopping weekend of the year is almost behind us, with the exception of one fairly recent addition.  Cyber Monday.  Cyber Monday started in 2005 as an alternative to Black Friday.  It was also a way for on-line retailers to get in on the pandemonium that Black Friday stirs up.

This specific weekend Americans will spend billions of dollars.  The chaos of Black Friday is still a success every year, but the growing trend of on-line shopping is stepping up as a true competitor.  Cyber Monday grants consumers to ability to take advantage of door buster prices without having to bust any doors.  The downside is the same as Black Friday, all items are limited with a first come, first served policy, although on-line retailers tend to have a larger inventory then local big box stores.  Plenty of Americans still like the hustle and bustle of Black Friday , and enjoy bargain hunting on an aggressive level.  Cyber Monday is popular to those who would rather avoid the mobs of hardcore shoppers.  Most on-line retailers offer free shipping with orders on top of discounts.  There are many people out there who participate in both of these shopping days.  Whatever your preference, there are tons of ways to save money during the holiday season.

Did you participate in Black Friday?  Are you participating in in Cyber Monday?  What do you like or dislike about the two?  We want to know, leave a comment!

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