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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Cops Not Cool With Kool-Aid Delivery
#2 - Woman Hides Pot in Privates
#3 - Dancin' Fool!

Cops Not Cool With Kool-Aid Delivery

A Florida man ended up getting grilled by cops after he repeatedly called them to ask that they grill up and deliver him some burgers – along with side orders of Kool-Aid and weed.

Jarvis Sutton called 911 nearly 80 times with his order, but couldn't find any first-responders willing to fill it. After a few hours of non-stop calls, they did send over a patrol car to arrange for a different sort of delivery – namely, taking Sutton to jail on charges of abusing the 911 system.

To prove that he really did need the burgers, Sutton treated himself to a snack on the way to the lockup – he chewed through and ate the foam surrounding the metal caging in the back of the patrol car. (Tampa Bay Times)


Woman Hides Pot and Pipe in Privates

Phoenix Police arrested a woman who tried to hide marijuana and a pipe in her privates during a traffic stop.

23-year-old Stephanie Anne Lopez was riding shotgun with her boyfriend when he was pulled over by the cops for swerving through lanes.

The officer smelled the odor of marijuana and asked Stephanie Anne Lopez about it.

She admitted it was in her pants and ended up pulling out a glass pipe and a little bit of pot in a plastic bag.

Lopez was booked on charges of possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia and the boyfriend was taken into custody for having two loaded illegal handguns in the car. (Fox News)


Dancin' Fool!

A Missouri teenager led cops on a high-speed chase and blamed his lead foot on the fact that his prom was the following night.

Daniel Buck hit a top speed of about 80 miles an hour while swerving down the highway, nearly clipping a utility pole before his pickup was stopped by spike strips. He told police he fled because he knew he had nine warrants for failure to appear in court on various charges, and he did not want to go to jail because he was supposed to take his girlfriend to the prom. (UPI)