Fourth of July evokes memories of barbecues, parades, American flags and, of course, fireworks. Darius Rucker has an especially vivid memory of sparkling pyrotechnics ... because he almost lost a hand playing with them.

“Oh, I love fireworks,” Rucker shares -- surprising, considering what happened when he was a kid.

"We had the bottle rocket fights and all that good stuff. I was the typical little crazy kid. In South Carolina it was always legal, so we shot fireworks," he says, adding, "I almost blew my hand off once."

Thankfully, he didn't.

But Rucker isn't the only country star who loves fireworks. Josh Turner’s father's family had competitions to see whose fireworks evoked the most oohs and ahhs. “All the individual families had a lot of competition with each other and tried to outdo each other to try to see who had the biggest and baddest fireworks,” he explains.

Most of all, the 'Long Black Train' singer admires his dad's approach, which was a little different than the rest of the family -- and not nearly as costly. “My daddy was the smartest one," Turner says. "He just went out and bought maybe $25 worth of fireworks and let everybody else put on the big show, so he saved a lot of money.”