Even though Dierks Bentley has seen success most can't imagine, he's still holding true to the things that matter, and he brings a visual element to his commitments in his 'I Hold On' video.

The autobiographical song, written by Bentley and Brett James, has emotional, insightful lyrics that help shape the elements of the video. Although the clip often flashes to footage of the singer and his band singing in a big, empty warehouse, the focus is on a handsome musician who portrays Bentley, working hard to make it big.

As the video proceeds, it provides a visual element of Bentley's own musical journey. It catapults from unloading his gear (including a dented and scratched guitar) and playing in bars where no one pays attention, to a snazzy recording studio, to a fast-paced tour, complete with a gleaming tour bus. He goes from no fans to crowds of thousands -- and from a plain old buttoned shirt to a perfectly curated wardrobe.

Although fame and fortune can often breed entitlement, you don't get the sense that the musician (or Bentley) will succumb to its power. After all, his anthem is that he's holding on to things he can count on.

Along the way, he meets the love of his life, and although she seems worried about his newfound fame, he tells her one thing: he's holding on. The life of a superstar has its own temptations and distractions, but the 'I Hold On' video shows that what's really important in life is exactly what Bentley sings about: "To the things, I believe in / My faith, your love, our freedom / To the things I can count on/To keep me going strong / Yeah I hold on, I hold on."

Bentley said that he really wanted the video to capture his story. "The lyrics were written from such a real and emotional place, and I put a lot of pressure on making sure this video held up to what Brett James and I wrote that day," he explains. "I hope when people listen to it, they raise their beers up, but this time for the bigger idea of what we all stand for as country music fans…faith, love and freedom."

There will be plenty of beers raised in agreement with this clip. By the end, we know that no matter what, Bentley's going to stay grounded -- just like the video portrays.