What has been called, "The World's Oldest Building" is currently being moved.

Located near the town of Medicine Bow, this unique building was built from the fossils of dinosaurs that were excavated from a nearby famous Wyoming dig.

But the dig is not being dug anymore and the highway that once took travelers from around the nation past this unique building no longer brings many people by at all. Certainly not tourists - the interstate took care of that.

The building is currently located at Como Bluff. It was built in the 1930s as a tourist attraction and is made entirely of dinosaur bones and mortar. The current owners have donated it to the Medicine Bow Museum and have raised the money to have it moved there.

According to the Medicine Bow Museum, "This cabin made of fossils is being moved from its original location at Como Bluff to a new home at Medicine Bow Museum. Work has resumed for the season as they prepare to move it." 

There is a picture of the cabin being prepared for the move on the Museum FaceBook page.

5,796 dinosaur bones excavated from nearby Como Bluff were used to build the cabin. But to me, on a personal note, I've always wondered about calling it "The World's Oldest Building," because of what it is made out of. Isn't most any building made of stone, older? But why get picky. They called it that to try and get people to stop.

Much work needs to be done but the move is underway. Soon you will be able to see the incredibly unique building in Medicine Bow Wyoming. Be sure to have lunch across the street at the Virginian Hotel while you are there.

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