Bob and Denise Knaub of Douglas were handed the keys to a remodeled 1967 Jeep Kaiser this (Wednesday) morning after winning this year's Cheyenne Wheels for Charity raffle.

"I had no intention of winning," said Bob Knaub. "My wife, the voice of reason, wasn't there so I bought two tickets (and) my first one won. I'm still in disbelief today."

Started by Nick Dodgson of Midas Cheyenne, Wheels for Charity takes a beat up vehicle and rebuilds it from the inside out. The vehicle is then raffled off with the proceeds going toward local charities.

"The last figure I got was about $64,000 to $65,000 raised this year," said Dodgson.

"Half of that will go to Safehouse, our domestic violence shelter, and the other half is going to go to military families and veterans and military support right here in Cheyenne through the Military Affairs Committee and the Wranglers of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce," Dodgson added.

Carla Thurin, Executive Director of Safehouse, says with the way the economy is, the funds couldn't have come at a better time.

"This is an awesome way for us to keep the lights on and keep business going as usual for the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in our county," said Thurin.

"We have almost every bed full, so any kind of funds that we get will definitely help us to make life better for those people," Thurin added.

"We were fortunate to be a part of the efforts this year and thankful for the funds which will support our Military Affairs Committee and Wyoming Wranglers Program," said Dale Steenbergen, Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President and CEO.

Dodgson says he's still trying to figure out what vehicle to restore for next year's raffle.

"There's two or three different ideas out there," said Dodgson. "Stay tuned to Car Gab and you'll find out."


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