The city of Casper may be one step closer to installing an ice rink at the Casper Events Center. With it, city official say, may come professional hockey.

Mayor Paul Meyer says the $237,000 agreement approved by Casper City Council on Tuesday will lead to the completion of needed architectural, engineering and project management services at the 8,395-seat arena.

“I don’t believe that’s the purchase of any hardware yet but it basically puts a market plan together and the final engineering stuff,” Meyer said. “Everything we need to do but buy the equipment to put ice in that events center.”

Meyer also says, if the rink were to be installed, a minor league hockey franchise may soon follow.

“I believe, by the start of the ice hockey season after this one, we would have one,” Meyer said. “It could possibly happen next winter, but I think that’s pushing it too fast.”

City officials currently estimate a $2.6 million price tag for the rink.

Former Wyoming congressman John Wold agreed to donate $1 million toward the project last year. The balance would be paid for through reserves from the city's capital projects fund.

The resolution passed 6-3 on Tuesday. Councilmen Keith Goodenough, Daniel Sandoval and Craig Hedquist entered nay votes.

If the city were to proceed with the installation of plumbing for the refrigerated floor, demolition and construction at the venue would occur from July 17 to Sept. 14. The rink would also add three full-time employees to the city’s parks and recreation staff, leisure services director Doug Follick said.

Dallas-based International Coliseums Company will be tasked with engineering and construction oversight.

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