We have plenty of time to break down Golf for the U.S. Open. Let’s talk about how the woman who gave birth to two of Tiger Woods’ children lives in the Cowboy State.

Actually this woman is so private it must be hard for reporters. No wonder so many just make up stuff. Whether or not Elin Nordgren is living in Wyoming at the moment, we don’t really know. We’d love to be able to tell you the current status of her relationship(s), but we all remember the Swedish-born ex the who pulled a Tiger nine-iron to his head.

That was seven years ago, and Elin has had another billionaire boyfriend. It’s Wyoming coal magnate Chris Cline. He bought the Carney Ranch in Sublette County for $25.5 million. The ranch includes an eight mile stretch of the Green River and views of the Gros Ventre Mountains, according to the Billings Gazette. That sounds like a nice place for when they aren’t vacationing in the Swiss Alps, where people.com got a rare photo of the two on the slopes. Maybe when you live near Jackson Hole, the home of one of the world’s best ski areas, you still like a little change of scenery. Whether living in Wyoming, Florida or California homes, tabloids report that Mr. Cline's yacht is also bigger than Tiger’s.

Elin and Chris were rumored to have split once in 2014, but apparently a supposedly cool relationship warmed again. They had met in 2011, as just neighbors who both have kids, and enjoy many of the same things.

After a long silence about her ex husband, in 2014 Elin finally spoke out, that she had always dreamed of her kids having two loving parents who show respect for each other, “And that’s what they have now.” Ouch, Tiger, if you heard about that, did it hurt as much as the nine-iron?

If this couple - Cline 57 and Nordgren 36 – still are not passed an aversion to being photographed in public, maybe they're in the perfect place (when here that is). Residents of Northern Wyoming are good about not freaking out when they see stars and very rich people, and for a state with the least population, Wyoming has more than its share of billionaires - who like it here.

Oh by the way, has anyone heard if anything came out of a report last September that Elin went on a date with Gwen Stefani’s ex-hubby Gavin Rossdale? Has Chis Cline heard? I’m sure he wouldn’t say if he had.