Living to be 96 years old, is considered by most to be an extremely long and healthy life.  That's what we would all expect from an aging world renowned fitness star.   Jack LaLanne lived a healthy lifestyle and showed us all that longevity really is a result of diet and exercise.

The fitness guru, and one-time "sugar-holic," became a television fixture in his tight-fitting jumpsuit starting in the late '50s, preaching exercise and a healthy diet. His daughter, Yvonne LaLanne, said, "He was surrounded by his family [at his California home] and passed very peacefully and in no distress." - via Reuters

I remember watching Jack L. on the TV when I was a youngster.  I remember my mother working out (with me and my brother joining in and laughing) with his TV exercise shows.  But Jack's true mark on my life would come later, as I remember being tortured my mother with carrot juice with a hint of apple from our "Jack LaLanne Power Juicer" in my teen years.

Rest in peace Jack and thanks for looking out for us as a society.

There are still a few solid lessons we can learn from Jack even after his passing.  For instance - Want more Energy in your life?  Check out Jack's tips for more energy...