Wyoming’s divorce rate isn’t the highest, but it’s also not the lowest. Maybe it’s good that every April there’s a National Ex Spouse Day. Yes, that's to recognize an ex spouse. I realize many Wyomingites may say, "I had a day like that once. I didn't know a date for it was designated."

I won't judge it a little strange that Ex-spouse Day can fall on an Easter Weekend. It's actually did this year - April 14th. Some question how a day of crucifixion can be called Good Friday. I don't know. I didn't name it.

To the question of why you would celebrate the Ex, NationalDayCalender.com says they’re not sure there is an answer to that. There’s one guy who may be the answer. His name is Bill, and he is “thrilled” there’s an Ex-spouse Day, since he forgave his ex and now enjoys a great relationship with his wife of 17 years.

National Day Calender also points out that some people get along better after the divorce than they did during the marriage, which is good when children are involved.

If you're like me, you find it wonderfully ironic that Ex-Spouse Day was created by Reverend Ronald Coleman. I mean, as a Christian, maybe he knew exactly what he was doing. Maybe he believed forgiveness is real love in a marriage, or it should be, and can be very healing after marriage.

So maybe Easter could actually be the perfect time for Ex Spouse Day - or whatever day it happens to be.