Every year, Forbes puts together the World's Highest Paid Musicians list, and just like last year, country artists Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith roll in near the top with a serious amount of cash.

Keith made an impressive leap from last year's No. 10 spot, where he made $55 million in earnings. This year, the singer is the top country act on the list at No. 4, and he seriously rolled in the dough with an impressive $65 million total. That's $10 million more than last year, and over the past five years, he's earned $270 million, with revenue from his records, concerts, 18 restaurants opened, and one mescal line.

He was topped by Madonna ($125 million), Lady Gaga, and Bon Jovi. He can certainly afford a few million 'drinks after work' for the rest of his life!

Swift, not surprisingly, who landed at No. 7 last year, tying Paul McCartney, ranked at No. 7 against this year with $55 million -- not bad for the 23-year-old, whose 'Red' record should have actually been titled 'Green.' In fact, she was also ranked in Forbes' most powerful celebrities because she's just so darn talented and, well, powerful.

Other country artists to land on top of the money-heavy list are Chesney, who tied with Beyoncé at No. 25 with $53 million and Tim McGraw, who banked $32 million at No. 25. It's safe to say that country music's top artists are doing pretty well for themselves, since combined, the country stars made $205 million.