George Jones was a true legend, not just in Country Music, but a legend to musicians of every genre. George also knew the music industry as a whole was changing, and in this song he asks a question, I am not sure there is an answer for.

Us radio people get to meet all sorts of entertainers, athletes, etc... and after a while you just don't get as "starstruck", but the legends always throw you a bit... Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, B.B. King, and of course, George Jones.

I loved his music, all of it, and it's difficult for me to say which song of his would be my favorite. We all know "He Stopped Loving Her Today", and that is the song that will come to the mind of most, but I feel this song is more appropriate for today. "Who's Going to Fill Their Shoes"? That's a good question... a question that there just may not be an answer for.

Rest in Peace Possum.