Gretchen Wilson took the stage at SeaWorld on Saturday (Feb. 8), much to the dismay of animal activists and many of her fans. The outspoken singer has responded to the criticism she received with a few jabs of her own.

Wilson took to Twitter before the event, writing:

Some responses from fellow Twitter users were decidedly livid, as one follower asked, "Tell me, how do you do research with your head up your a--?" Another individual said, "Foul odor, That's the smell of my Gretchen Wilson Cd's being burned in the fireplace."

Naturally, the singer reacted to the backlash strongly, tweeting late Saturday night:

Although several country singers were originally tapped to sing at SeaWorld, many of them dropped out due to the controversy that stemmed from CNN's recent documentary, 'Blackfish.' The film tells the story of Tilikum, the majestic captive killer whale that killed his trainer and furthers that a life in captivity may have heightened his aggression. Captivity and alleged mistreatment of killer whales are two of the big topics that still have people buzzing months after the movie made its debut in theaters.

The 'Redneck Woman' singer was added to SeaWorld's calendar late, after others backed out. The 'Blackfish' issue caused Trace Adkins to pull out of the event, saying he didn't want to be part of the controversy. Trisha Yearwood followed, also bailing on a scheduled SeaWorld appearanceMartina McBride joined soon after.

Scotty McCreery and Justin Moore are still scheduled to make planned appearances at the marine park. Wilson has kept quiet on Twitter since responding to the controversy.

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