If you’ve never seen Hamilton Loomis live, you can’t really say that you have lived. A child prodigy who was mentored by the late Bo Diddly, Hamilton takes his Texas roots and expands them in a hybrid of Funk, Blues, Soul, and Rock…with a little bit of R&B added for some flavor.

Hamilton returns, once again including Casper on his annual "Tundra Tour"! This Saturday Jan 17th, at the Attic. Tickets are $15 for WBJS members, $20 for non-members, and can be purchased at Sonic Rainbow, Yankee Clipper, Gig Worx, The Art Of Coffee, The Casper Cigar Company, and at the door. Call Nancy Taylor at 307-267-4315 to reserve a table for 4 ($100)

For more info, visit the WBJS website here, or their Facebook event page here.

Hamilton Loomis

Born and raised in Galveston, Texas, Loomis is the son of musician parents who listened to blues, rock and soul. Music ran in his veins and, with instruments readily available around the house, he picked up drums, piano, guitar and harmonica, honing his multi-instrumental talent in addition to performing regularly as part of his family’s doo-wop group.

“My parents had a fantastic record collection and, when I started writing, I gravitated towards what I’d been listening to all my life. I have a huge reverence for the blues and all it encompasses, but I’ve always been fond of R&B and funky music.”

A protégé of Bo Diddley, Loomis met the icon backstage at the age of 16 at Houston’s famed venue Rockefeller’s. Before the night was over, Loomis was onstage playing guitar with the legend. Diddley quickly became friend, mentor, collaborator and supporter, appearing on two of Loomis’ albums and presenting a cherished red guitar that he still plays.

“That one night began my education and I spent a lot of time with Bo over the years listening to him tell so many stories,” said Loomis. “He was so generous and most people don’t know that he was really philanthropic. He played free concerts around his hometown for homeless shelters, schools and anyone that just needed help. He was always giving! That’s another thing that planted the GIVE IT BACK seed in my mind. It’s all coming full circle.”