There was a time when the woman stayed home, took care of the kids, and when her husband pulled into the driveway, the dinner would be sitting on the table piping hot.   Long gone are those days.  As you know it takes husband and wife to bring home the bacon and both to fry it up!   But every once in a while, it's nice to have a man cook for we women, and guys, today is the day!

In case you didn't know, today is National Guys Cook Dinner Day!"  This is a night for you guys to whip up some of your tasty grub that doesn't require a Barbecue or a microwave, although I don't think anyone would flinch if you used either to help you.

Now I have to say, my husband does pretty good in the kitchen, especially when it comes to Sunday breakfast, where we actually have time to enjoy breakfast.  His scrambled eggs and bacon are perfect, unlike when I fry bacon, I've seen softer shoe leather than the bacon I usually cook, so therefore, in this case, I'll just work on bringing the bacon home.  He also takes pride in presentation.  He carefully fans the avocados and cheese slices on our salads, when I usually just toss some lettuce and croutons in a bowl, and bing, there it is!

Even though my husband and I are living out of boxes and paint brushes, he still took time to whip us up a little dinner, blackened Salmon and a beautiful salad.  Yes, it was on paper plates seeing as though I'm still unpacking the dishes, but it was the best dinner I ever had, thank you honey!

What dish does your man or significant other makes the best?