Is there someone at work who annoys you because they talk too much? If the answer's no, then it's possible it's you?  In fact, it's could almost become a turned into a form of "you might be a ?" joke!  Here are a few - you might talk to much lines, that can help you decide if you're the one who talks to much.

If everyone who sits near you at work wears headphones - you might talk to much!  Some people do it so they can concentrate.  But if a lot of people around you have headphones on, you might be the reason they can't concentrate.

If you're always the one who starts conversations - you might talk to much!  If people around you avoid starting conversations with you, it might be a sign that people are trying to avoid talking to you, because they know you'll go on and on - and on.

If people look constantly at their phone while you're talking - you might talk to much! Looking at your phone while talking to someone else, is a bad habit that a lot of us seem to have these days.  If someone does it once or twice, don't sweat it.  But if it happens a lot, it might be their way of trying to end conversations with you.

If you almost never answer a question in one or two sentences - you might talk to much! Like if someone asks what time it is, and you tell a story about the great deal you got on your watch, they probably don't care and are looking for the quickest escape route.

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Source : Entrepreneur