During our interview yesterday with Carlton Anderson (he's opening for Michael Ray and Old Dominion at the Casper Events Center in April) he called me Ma'am several times and it made me giggle (both in my head and out loud) because I don't really think of myself as a "Ma'am".

Keep in mind, I wasn't upset. I know that good Texas boys/men are raised to call all woman Ma'am as a sign of respect.

Also, because I AM a woman that's closer to 40 than not, this isn't my first time being called that.

After the interview Doc and I were chatting about the word Ma'am and how many women are deeply offended when they hear it. They see it as a negative term, that it implies they are old, and I have friends that are very vocal in scolding anyone that refers to them as "Ma'am".

According to Dictonary.comMa'am is used as a title of respect, especially when addressing female royalty.

Wait, this is how royalty was addressed...OK, I can get behind this.

But hold on, it gets better!

The word Ma'am originated in the 1660s (as a colloquial shortening of madam). It was originally used as the ordinary respectful form of address to a married woman and was later restricted to the queen and royal princesses.

So according to this, ONLY queens and royal princesses can be called Ma'am.


Being called Ma'am never bothered me before, and now I'm thinking I might just start insisting on it...and maybe people need to start bowing or curtsying too? ;)

What do you think?

Does being called Ma'am bother you?

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