If you’re like me - without kids - you don’t know if LuvaBella is a toy or a hip-hop star. Even if you do know the toys children want, the closer to Christmas the harder to find.

Well, check out a mom who has learned to guess what will be hot before it becomes hard to find. She has a pretty good record of that and buys while the buying is still good.

There's "The Soggy Doggy," which turns washing the dog into a board game. A "Smart Pixel Purse" is what it sounds like, with a screen on the outside. The purse is a great idea, as the last on her list of seven. She then goes into a shorter list of honorable mentions.

Of course it’s only getting later as we speak, so watch YouTube's Toris2Cents. If you love a southern accent you’ll love her talkin' 2017’s hottest toys.

Last year was all about the Hatchimals that ran out all over the Cowboy State. Now make room for fingerling monkeys.