The City of Casper Council has decided–for the most part–on the summer open container area, which will be the same as last year's unless Casper's newest brewery, Cygnet, decides to join. (Cygnet brewing is located in the Old Yellowstone District, it will not be open until next month).

City Manager Carter Napier said that last fall the council was beginning to think maybe the program was a bust. "Folks weren't participating and we were spending city resources on a program that wasn't finding its wings."

Since then, several businesses have expressed interest in hopping on the bandwagon to bring vibrancy and energy to the downtown area.

Napier suggested council relax the "burden the police department has endured to patrol the area," even though it's something of a double-edged sword: If the program really takes off and there are large throngs of people walking around with open containers, police presence will be necessary to keep the community safe and monitor for underage drinking.

Council agreed to ease up on police presence in the open container area for now and see what happens.

Councilmember Kyle Gamroth added that the City should do more to foster a culture that benefits downtown events and supports downtown businesses.

"This is not just a tailgate party," he added. "Last year I saw folks with coolers in truck beds and walking around with cans of Bud Light and stuff not using the ordinance as it was intended."

Map of Summer Downtown Open Container Area, City of Casper
Map of Summer Downtown Open Container Area, City of Casper

No alley, side street, or parking areas provide for authorized possession of or travel with open containers.

Gamroth also expressed that extending the open container area to accommodate Cygnet Brewing might be opening a "can of worms" when they've been pressed before to include Frosty's and declined.

Yet, councilmember Gena Jensen argued that Frosty's is not in the Old Yellowstone district. The program was created for downtown Casper.

Further, Mayor Cathey echoed Jensen's safety concerns with people drinking and walking around near a five-way intersection.

Wrist Bands:
Retail, microbrewery, and distillery license holders that wish to participate in the open container will give the City Clerk's office at least 5 business days' notice.

Participants will be required to send a digital copy of the wristbands to the City Clerk.

Hours of Operation:
The hours of operation: 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Semi-permanent, seasonal signs will be installed at the boundary edges.

These semi-permanent signs will remain in place throughout the season, then be removed and stored for use in the next year.

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