A Natrona County man faces 10 years in prison due to Wyoming House Bill 112's 'Five Strikes' Rule.

In Wyoming, stealing an item valued at over $1,000 or specific items like firearms, horses, or cattle was already considered a felony.

This recent law now designates a fifth theft conviction as a felony, regardless of the value of the stolen item.

Jesse Alexander Mostaert is being charged with three counts of theft, already past a fifth offense.

He is also facing charges for felony drug crimes, which tags on an additional 20 years if convicted.

Mostaert's criminal record shows multiple shoplifting and theft convictions spanning the last nine years.

In his most recent charge, police found suspected stolen merchandise in a vehicle connected to Mostaert, along with controlled substances.

Law enforcement followed up with several stores and the mall, this per court records, and learned of a series of shoplifting incidences.

The reports indicate a theft at Spencer's including a desk lamp, wall poster, and tapestry -- all valued at $73.97.

A second theft reported from Spirit Halloween said 19 items were taken, valued at $236.70.

Pursuant to a search warrant, officers located items from Pro Image Sports and Best Buy in Mostaert's vehicle, which were collectively worth more than $1,000.

Reviewing surveillance cameras, investigators noted two suspects, though they were only able to identify Mostaert.

At the time, Mostaert was on probation for theft, trespassing, and destruction of property.

His case has been bound over to Natrona County District Court where he will appear next in court to make a plea.

Mostaert's second set of charges include two counts of conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance and one count of delivery. These, too, have been bound over to a higher court.

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