A battle between two of the biggest names in music has gone the way of the country music star.

After Morgan Wallen's collaboration with Post Malone "I Had Some Help" took over the No. 1 spot of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, which includes all genres of music, this past week, it marked the 19th week that Wallen has held the No. 1 spot since the start of 2020.

Those 19 non-consecutive weeks put Wallen past the 18 that Taylor Swift has under her belt this decade, according to Chart Data.

It isn't the first time that Wallen and Swift have battled for music supremacy as the two have been going back and forth atop the charts. In 2023, when Wallen's newest album One Thing at a Time was released, it claimed 30 spots on the chart at once. A new record.

Fast forward to 2024, Taylor Swift put out The Tortured Poets Department which had, you guessed it, 31 tracks that all hit the Billboard Hot 100, breaking Wallen's record by one.

The success continues to roll in for Wallen despite his recent court appearances and public tongue lashings from the Nashville city council. Even with a pushed back open, his Tennessee themed bar in Nashville opened up to much fanfare and his concert continues to be sold out night after night.

Now we wait to see if Wallen's next album will have 32 tracks on it or not.

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