Back country roads are becoming crowded this summer, with Jason Aldean's 'Night Train' the latest to take a girl and a fifth of something to a secret spot. The title track from this singer's most recent album stands out above many of the rest, however. It's a rare Aldean vocal showcase that uses a train to put a slightly different spin on this story.

'Night Train' is a warm, fluid tale of two young lovers finding sanctity, and whatever else young lovers find, as a slow-moving freight train passes through town. The sounds and smells of this cool summer night don't quite bubble up from Aldean's well-told story, but there's enough imagery to keep the track from being too generic.

"About a mile off of Old Mill Road / At that spot nobody knows / We’ll park the truck and we take off runnin’ / Hurry up girl I hear it comin’," he sings during the chorus. "Got a moon and a billion stars / The sound of steel and old boxcars / The thought of you is driving me insane / Come on baby let’s go listen to the night train."

The more you listen to the fourth single from 'Night Train,' the easier it becomes to imagine this empty hillside as a special -- even romantic -- setting. For some it will bring back memories of one's own special spot that no one else could understand, but the majority will never see past a mostly flat landscape.

"Yeah I hope it’s gonna be a long one / If we’re lucky it’s moving slow  Wouldn’t mind if it lasted all night / Lying next to you on that hillside," Aldean sings during an abbreviated second verse. Before and during a guitar solo that serves as the bridge, the star shows real vocal power. It's been awhile since he proved himself as a vocalist, and this song is a nice reminder of what he's capable of.

After two edgier singles, this Neil Thrasher and Michael Dulaney-penned ballad seems aimed at the more mainstream fan. The lyrics aren't as vivid as some of Aldean's better ballads, but his performance feels inspired by some real place and love from his past.

Listen to Jason Aldean, 'Night Train'