Most of us didn't grow up with entertainers—let alone superstar entertainers—as parents. Jason Aldean's children have, however; and the singer has given fans a glimpse into what it's like to be observing one's dad doing a very unique job, when one is at a very young age.

Aldean posted a stunning shot to social media, showing himself in a crouch on a lighted stage, while his third child, 2-year-old son Memphis, gazes up at him from the pit dressed in striped pajamas and noise-canceling headphones. This is clearly all business for both father and son, with Aldean noting simply, "Mems catchin soundcheck before bedtime. We Back tour kicks off tomorrow in Columbia, SC. Who’s comin!"

Wife/mom Brittany Aldean posted her own documentation, showing off a video of Memphis (yep, in those PJs) running around and dancing in glee as Dad goes through the soundcheck. (We're not envying whoever is in charge of putting Memphis to bed, as this appears to be a very "lit" soundcheck, as Brittany herself jokes.)
Aldean, who's a dad of four (which includes his three daughters Keeley, Kendyl and Navy) will launch the 2020 We Back Tour as he noted, on Jan. 30 in Columbia, S.C. It will cross the U.S. through the end of September. Morgan Wallen and Riley Green will serve as opening acts during the winter dates before Brett Young and Mitchell Tenpenny take over in the summer.

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