Liz Davis is the only country singer left on Team Blake Shelton on Season 3 of 'The Voice.'

She is also the sole remaining country singer in the competition as a whole, which puts added pressure on both Davis and her coach, since he wants a country artist to accompany him to the finals. Davis could be this show's Carrie Underwood and blow the doors off for country singers to become prominent fixtures on 'The Voice' if she wins the whole thing.

On tonight's (Nov. 5) live show during the playoff round, she belted Martina McBride's 'Independence Day' and showed why she has the chops to win the grand prize.

In the rehearsals, Shelton said that Davis has been an outlaw woman with all of her previous performances, so he wanted to soften her up with 'Independence Day,' since she can still "burn things down" with a song like this, albeit in a different way. A powerhouse ballad is what Davis needed to do to show her range as a performer and a vocalist,  and to widen her appeal.

Davis looked beautiful, with her hair tumbling around her shoulders in waves and wearing a white column gown with detailing. She sounded just as amazing. Both the song and her styling were the perfect and complimentary elements.

Christina Aguilera applauded Davis for another solid performance, while Cee Lo said she made him proud to be an American.

Shelton stated the obvious, declaring, "There is a lot on the line tonight, for me, since I am the country guy, sitting here, and you are the only country artist in the competition. I want to take one second and thank you for proving me right. You are the right country artist to bring into the live rounds. You did a great job."

You'll get no arguments from us. Davis showed us another compelling side of her musical personality tonight.

Watch Liz Davis Perform 'Independence Day' on 'The Voice'