Luke Bryan's first full-length album of spring break-themed tunes, Spring Break...Here to Party,  was released last week. "Buzzkill," which depicts an uncomfortable encounter between two former flames is one of two songs on the new collection that Luke wrote, he decided to film a video for the tune, even though he admits both time and money were tight.

"Because "Buzzkill" will not be my next big single, it's kind of a focus track," he explained  at a recent media event. "We didn't roll out a big budget for the video. We found a simple location, one location."

"There's a scene where I'm doing an acoustic performance of it with two of my band members," he explains. "We're in the bar, but then there's two actors caught up in the 'Buzzkill' drama of that scene, and I'm kind of in the bar performing while it's happening ... I think visually it's a great video. It showcases the song like we wanted, and we're excited to have it out."

Luke also explained why the spring break albums are so important to him. "If we want to drop a little cuss word in there or something, we don't sweat it, that frees us up more creatively to where we don't get too bound by what's going on when we're in the writing room. My whole idea is that if 10 years down the road, we've done 10 spring break albums and two or three of those songs went on to become big hits that were kind of quirky songs spawned from it, then this whole ride has been a success."

Luke heads to Spinnaker Beach club March 12 for two free shows to celebrate the release of Spring Break...Here to Party. He then resumes his Dirt Road Diaries tour on Thursday (March 14), with a stop at Cheyenne Frontier Days later this summer.  See a list of his upcoming concerts here.