In 1986 I began working in radio and my travels have taken me from Dallas, TX to Sacramento, CA to Boise, ID and now to Wyoming. Most radio people strive to work in the “Big” markets, but that wasn't the life for me! I enjoy small towns with great atmospheres and friendly hospitable folks. Growing up in Austin, TX, I played sports, went hunting and fishing and enjoyed listening to and watching the legends of country music perform. My love for radio and announcing came early in my teenage years, as I bumbled my way through the daily morning announcements at Sidney Lanier High School and after I graduated, I got my first radio job my freshman year of college at Texas A&M in Commerce, TX. Since, I’ve earned college degrees from 2 different universities – Texas A&M University in Commerce and Boise State University in Boise, Idaho. After moving to Wyoming, I created an event for charities called "Thankful Thursday" and began working with the hundreds of charities in our area. My interests include a love for college football and I really enjoy watching games at War Memorial Stadium! Go Pokes (and yes, I root for Boise State & Texas A&M too)!! Having only been in Wyoming for only a little over 6 years, I’m still exploring and trying to discover all the wonders Wyoming has to offer. If you have any suggestions of places for me to try exploring, camping, fishing or hunting, simply shoot me an email or message me on Facebook or Twitter.