Miranda Lambert has been notoriously stingy about sharing photos of her new husband, Brendan McLoughlin, since giving fans a glimpse of their wedding photo back in February. However, the superstar gave fans a good head-on shot of her love Thursday (May 23) on social media, showing off something equally as cute as he is.

Scroll through the Instagram post above to see Lambert and McLoughlin holding a pair of adorable hound puppies who apparently showed up at their residence recently. "Meet Smoke and Bandit! They showed up at the farm last week and we’re bringing them to #CMAFest to get adopted," notes Lambert. "No vacancy in our Mutt Motel! #FarmLife."

The pups are held by McLoughlin in the final photo, and he's got a beaming smile. It's no secret that his wife is a huge animal lover, having her own organization to help dogs like Smoke and Bandit. "Register at MuttNation.com to join us at the #MuttNationMarch on June 6 in Nashville to save more pups like them," she finished out her post.

Lambert's MuttNation will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, and will kick off Nashville's CMA Fest with a charitable walk beginning at 8:30AM local time from Nissan Stadium. Fifty-five dogs were adopted at last year's event. No husbands will be up for adoption, however!

MuttNation was founded by Lambert and her mom, Bev, in 2009. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to "promote the adoption of shelter pets, advance spay and neuter and educate the public about the benefits of these actions." MuttNation also works with transport partners to relocate animals under threat of euthanasia and during natural disasters.

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