Transportation is installing and replacing cameras on buses over the spring break holiday. The work of upgrading and installing new cameras began on Friday, March 27 and will continue through this week.
Each functioning bus in the fleet will have a new camera system when school begins after the break. A new feature will be in place with these updates: cameras facing forward and backward on the stop sign arms of the buses will record evidence of illegal passing when busses are stopped. The Wyoming Legislature recently authorized this important safety feature.

Under the new law, as of the 2016-17 school years, all school buses transporting students to and from school and activities will have to be equipped with external cameras to capture evidence of illegal school bus passing. Internal school bus surveillance cameras will remain optional but Natrona County School District is taking this one step further and installing four to six internal cameras depending on the capacity on every bus.

The smaller buses in the fleet will have the two stop sign arm cameras, a dashboard camera, a stairwell/driver camera, as well as front- and rear-facing interior cameras.

The larger buses will also have the two stop sign arm cameras, a dashboard camera, a stairwell/driver camera, front and rear facing cameras and two middle-of-the-bus mounted cameras.

This upgrade also includes two additional features that are necessary, an alarm system that alerts the driver that a camera is not working and an event button feature that allows the driver to mark the place in the recording when an event occurs making it much quicker to find the incident on the recording.

Please contact Natrona County Schools' Transportation Department Director Syd Webb for more information at 307-253-5283.

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