Ned LeDoux has a legacy that runs deep into the soil of Wyoming. His father was none other than legendary musician Chris LeDoux. Ned has made a name for himself in the music world and recently released his album "Sagebrush."

Ned has been promoting his new album and sharing songs for people around the country. One song, "Forever a Cowboy," talks about the love of the west and western culture.

Ned told us he and younger brother (also website designer), Will LeDoux, were driving across Wyoming looking over the sagebrush and Ned said, "How 'bout that for the album title, sagebrush? Will was totally quiet for about another mile down the road and then out comes, 'I like it.' So 'Sagebrush' it was."

Ned's "Cowboy Life" also includes watching the University of Wyoming Cowboys as a child and now as a touring musician. Although he currently lives in Kansas, he still loves watching Wyoming games. He grew up traveling from his native Kaycee to Laramie many miles away on special days. He said watching the Cowboys keep the Border War boot was especially satisfying. Check out his comments on the game and his life intimate performance of "Cowboy Life" below.

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