When my oldest son broke his arm in a football game and had to have surgery a few months ago, we were all worried about how (and if) he would be able to get back to competing.

That's when we turned to North Platte Physical Therapy, whose staff assured us that they could get him back up and going in time for wrestling season. I am thrilled to say that they were able to do what they said. They took time to specifically work with him on skills that he would need for wrestling and gave us tools and exercises that he would work on at home.

NPPT also came through for me when I tore multiple tendons in my ankle while hiking a local trail. I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to get back to my active lifestyle. As a working mom with 5 kids, I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to find time to squeeze physical therapy into my already packed schedule.

Thankfully, NPPT has early morning and later evening hours, as well as multiple locations in Casper and one in Glenrock. I was back to running, hiking and snowshoeing in just 8 weeks. Can you believe that?

In the course of my 8 weeks of physical therapy, I was able to work with almost all of the NPPT staff at the facility I used. Not only are they knowledgeable and experts in their field, they know how to make your physical therapy experience enjoyable.

They constantly mixed up my therapies so I was never bored, and their constant positive attitude and encouragement helped me to keep my own energy up and work hard to complete the tasks they assigned me. I also really liked the fact that they have sunlit open areas to work in with easy options for privacy.

If you're ready to let North Platte Physical Therapy help you the way they helped me and my son, you can visit them online at www.northplattept.com to check out their full range of services or to find a location near you to book an appointment.