Depending on your political opinions, this may or may not be good news. President Barack Obama is picking Wyoming to upset Northern Iowa today in his NCAA bracket.

In fact, Wyoming is one of the few upsets the President is predicting this year. Obama's bracket called for only five double digit seeds to win in the opening round.  And he doesn't have any of those underdogs advancing past the Sweet Sixteen. Obama also played it safe with his final four, picking all four #1 seeds to make it to Indianapolis, with Kentucky winning it all.

Say what you will about his policies, but when it comes to college basketball, Obama usually knows what he's talking about. Last year, his bracket was in the 73rd percentile, compared to the rest of the nation.  In 2011, the presidential bracket was in the 87th percentile nationally.

As for picking the Pokes? If Wyoming loses today, at least we'll have someone to blame it on.