Lets face it, kids today are entirely different than the kids of yesteryear.  But an interesting study shows that today's parents are wasting lots of money trying to get their kids to play outside.

When I was growing up, we played outside all the time, but of course I grew up when Atari and Mattel Intellivision were introduced as some of the first home gaming consoles.

In this day and age, with Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 kids have hundreds of option for their entertainment choices.  It's easy to get caught up in some of these realistic, action packed, fantasy worlds and spend dozens of hours working through challenges.

If your kids are living life inside and playing games, you might be tempted to try and lure them outside to play.  You might even think "If I bought them a trampoline, they'd go play outside".  But a new study shows that parents should fight that urge.

The study found the average parent spends over $5,000 during their kid's childhood trying to figure out ways to lure them outside.  That includes buying sports equipment, games, water toys, and anything else they can think of.

But the sad reality is that, your kids will gravitate back inside with the newest release of their favorite game.

Source: Daily Mail