Over the weekend I got a chance to take my sweetheart to Denver for her birthday.  We stayed in the Cherry Creek area and hit the mall to do a little shopping and grab a bite to eat.  That's when I noticed something I hadn't seen before... 

It probably seems trivial to most, but for me I am constantly amazed by technology that makes our lives easier - or at least attempts to make it easier.

As we drove into a nearby parking garage, I noticed the glowing red and green orbs on the ceiling and wondered what they were?  Then it hit me!  They are to alert drivers and direct them to where the open parking spots were located.  AWESOME!!!

As much as I hate driving in parking garages, I found this invention way overdue!!  Oh, and extremely cool!  So the next time you pull into a parking garage and see lights on the ceiling, you'll know what to do.