Rascal Flatts Jay DeMarcus admits he used to pay quite a bit of attention to the criticisms lobbed at his trio. In a clip from their new 'All Access & Uncovered' DVD, made available for online viewing exclusively at Taste of Country, the bassist says that in recent years he's become far less annoyed by people who want to call them a boyband. 

"I got to tell you it just doesn't mean anything to me to hear what they have to say anymore," DeMarcus says in the clip. "When you go out on stage every single night and see the people and how their lives have been touched by some of our music and some of our songs, I think if they were to witness that and if they were to see it from our perspective they would have a different take on what Rascal Flatts is all about."

'All Access & Uncovered' shows DeMarcus, Joe Don Rooney and Gary LeVox behind the scenes during the making of their latest album, 'Changed.' Fans get to see the trio talk about the stories behind the new songs, as well as watch in-depth interviews from the road and DeMarcus' home studio.

"I never, ever sang one note for a critic," Gary LeVox adds. "I always sang it for the people, the fans."

'All Access & Uncovered' is available for purchase now.