Reba McEntire is still surprised by the fan reaction to her latest single, 'Pray for Peace,' as well as the tune's accompanying video. What began as her own personal plea in response to the tumultuous events going on around the world turned into an international prayer from all over the globe.

“I got emotional when I saw how many fans wanted to get involved,” she tells Country Weekly. “Watching people in their hometowns of Scotland or Africa making the ‘Pray for Peace’ gestures thickened the video so much more than just having me up there chanting and singing by myself in the studio."

The songstress invited fans to share their own videos of themselves praying for peace.

“‘Pray for Peace’ is a song I wrote because I strongly believe in the power of prayer,” she explained. “I’d like for you to help me with creating a video that spreads this message. I’d love to see you, your family, your friends, anyone, praying for peace.”

So many fans submitted their videos that she was unable to use all of them for the song.

“Someone tweeted that they had wished we had used their video because they cry every time they watch it,” McEntire adds. “I know exactly what they mean.”

The 59-year-old says the song was her way of conveying hope for the future amidst all the turmoil in the world.

“Every time I watch the news, I’m just waiting for a story with a happy ending. Unfortunately you don’t see those stories very often,” she says. “I find myself praying for peace, and a better outcome for the world.”

Watch the touching 'Pray for Peace' video here.