The 2nd annual Lemonade Day event is coming to Casper on June 20th. Last year, we exceeded our expectations of 500 youth with a huge showing of 756 participating kids! This year, we are raising our goal to 1000!

Lemonade Day is a 14-step entrepreneurial program that teaches kids to start and run their own business. Kids complete a workbook that includes lessons such as budgeting, advertising, product development, goal setting, accounting and construction- all designed around a Lemonade Stand. If you happened to be in Casper on June 21st last year, you may recall that there were lemonade stands everywhere! After polling many of these young business owners, we discovered that on average, each stand made a profit of $100. We estimate that there were over 300 lemonade stands, meaning that citizens of Casper spent over $30,000 supporting our entrepreneurs, buying lemonade from Casper’s youth- in one day.

And the best part of Lemonade Day? It is FREE for kids to participate, and they keep ALL that they earn!

Visit any Hilltop National Bank location to register and get your backpack!

We partner with the Natrona County School District and The Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming, with support from Hilltop National Bank to offer Casper’s Lemonade Day.

For more information, contact Amy Crawford - or at 307-266-5252.