Casper is usually referred to as the Oil City, but now researchers are working on how to identify it to residents, visitors and to the world.

From December 2013 through March 2014, Adbay has been surveying people both in and outside of Casper, on how they identify the city, in terms of the people, the landmarks, and the lifestyle among other topics.

Shawn Houck, Adbay owner and project manager for the branding, says the numbers have been added up, and soon it will be time to figure what kind of story the community can tell about Casper to others, based on the results.

"The more and more they tell the story to themselves, the more powerful that story becomes to the outside world, brings in more and more visitors and it just has a snowball effect, and so what we would like with the Casper brand, is that same sort of coalescing around one image, one idea, one thing that we say, yes this is us, we put our flag in the ground and we own it, and we move forward confidently. we go out there with pride and we say this is who we are, and we're happy and we're glad and we're proud of it."

A number of Casper brand community workshops will be held the week of August 11th, but space is limited.

Click here for more information and to see survey results.