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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Sexless and Sentenced
#2 - Ringing His Taco Bell
#3 - Cheese It, It's The Cops

Sexless and Sentenced

An Arizona woman ended up behind bars after calling cops to report that her husband was guilty of the most heinous of crimes – not having sex with her!

Gloria Pratt dialed the emergency number to lodge her complaint, and when they arrived to hear her out, they determined she was intoxicated and decided to leave. As they were heading out, one officer heard her yell, "I'm going to kill you," which actually carries more of a penalty than not doing the deed.

After being booked into the county lock-up, Pratt reportedly told police that her husband “would get what was coming to him now." (Arizona Republic)


Ringing His Taco Bell

A New York man is facing four years in jail for making a bad choice in bracelets – by handcuffing himself to a co-worker he wanted to go out with.

Jason Earl Dean slapped the cuffs on a fellow Taco Bell employee in an effort to get her to spend some quality time with him, a move that backfired when she made a run for ... a co-worker who managed to scare the creep off.

The woman proved to have a hard shell, though, choosing to press charges against Dean - who'd been making passes at her for weeks before the incident.

Dean allegedly frequently tweeted gals like Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice asking for dates as well. (Daily Mail)


Cheese It, It's The Cops

A South Carolina man who'd robbed a convenience store ended up getting caught because he was too cheesy for his own good – as he proved by leaving a trail of Cheetos that cops were able to follow right to his doorstep.

Austin Lee Presler broke the front window of the store to get inside in the wee hours of the morning, and stole a quantity of beer, cigarettes and junk food – one bag of which broke open, leaving a trail of the cheesy snacks out the door. A surveillance video showed a white car leaving the scene, and when cops went in search of the vehicle, they found one outside Presler's house – along with another trail of Cheetos on the front porch.

Presler was found inside the home along with the items stolen from the store. He was taken into custody and charged with 2nd degree burglary. (WIS)